Fast moving, spectacular show of Irish music, song
and dance from theAran Islands.
Shaping to take the world by storm…
World inventive and exciting choreography…
Standing ovations!

The Irish Times

A spectacular event…Mind blowing
The Star

Music that simply gives you shivers down your spine…
Radio 1 – Rattlebag

…up front, in your face, toe-tapping, eye-boggling, Irish culture, aka entertainment…a sure fire winner…
 Sunday Tribune

It does exactly what it says on the tin…
Hot Press

…master-class musicians
…seismic experience
Sunday Business Post 

 …an exhilarating tour de force
The Irish Examiner 


….. The ingredients are perfect: a terrific group of traditional musicians who blast off into unstoppable jigs and reels and this in turn unleashes
a troupe of dancers who proceed to blister the floorboards with their brilliance.

…. This show has to be seen to be believed 

….  A tremendous performance from a multi-talented group. 

…. A return to the heart of traditional music and dance If ‘Ragús’
means ‘desire’ then the crowd certainly desired more of this. 

…. This is up front, in your face, toe-tapping, eye-boggling, Irish culture
at its best. Ragús, an intimate show of traditional Irish music song and dance is shaping up to take the world by storm

…. Ragús have created a unique format of high quality authentic entertainment for an intimate environment